Saturday, 12 September 2009

12th September

12th September, I learnt that:

1) whatever you did to yourself/your body as you were growing up, has an enormous effect and impact on how/who you are as a person today.

2) having time to do what you want is ok, but having too much time isn't.

3) I'm actually looking forward to going home after house-sitting this week.

4) I prefer to be indoors in my own room, rather than outside and mixing with people. I feel safer there for some strange reason.

5) I'm getting very forgetful as I hadn't even realised until Mum phoned today and told me I'd left my make-up bag and brush in her car on Wednesday. Shows how often I go out as I almost always wear make-up when I leave the house.

6) trying to do something nice for someone, too often gets thrown back in your face and you wonder why you bothered in the first place.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Friday, 11 September 2009

11th September

11th September I learnt that:

1) green tomatoes will eventually ripen on a windowsill, but it could take several days. Better to leave them on the plant.

2) the saying "I'll just do this quickly" is just that. A saying and not a reality.

3) it takes more patience and paper than I thought I had to simplify a craft project for children to make.

4) I still cannot make a good looking omelette. Tasted great, but was a 'mess on a plate'.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Thursday, 10 September 2009

10th September

Still no LO, sorry :(

10th September I learnt that:

1) it's nice to catch up with people on the phone.

2) the sun being out makes you feel happier

3) I need to work out how to weld pictures to shapes on my ROBO

4) I can handle slightly stronger coffee than I did a few days ago and much stronger than the really weak coffee I had to have a few months ago.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

9th September

Need to catch up on doing my LO's as I'm a couple of days behind!

9th September I learnt that:

1) I mustn't rely on my money being in the bank on time. I must budget to allow an extra week.

2) driving in the countryside is much nicer than the main roads.

3) I don't like the idea of living on my own ~ too quiet, too lonely and I don't bother cooking for one.

4) if you really want to do something / go somewhere, you can push your body to a limit you never knew existed.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

8th September

Day 7's LO is yet to be done.

8th Sepember I learnt that:

1) sometimes it's better to keep out the way and often out of sight.

2) sometimes silence is golden.

3) it's ok being a close family, but it would be nice not to feel you have to tell them almost everything without them getting narked because they 'didn't know' and that last bit goes for me too.

4) I eat out of boredom and when I'm feeling low and it's worse if I'm feeling both together. This is something I knew before, but it was re-inforced today. I also go for savoury as much as sweet foods at these times too.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

7th September

Day 6's LO and I decided not to go so grungy. Yesterday's photo of the day is going in the blank space and journalling reads "I spend far too long on Facebook, especially playing games and farming".

7th September I learnt that:

1) the phrase my friend told me is so true "we plan, God laughs". Well, someone's laughing at us!

2) I am still weak when it comes to chocolate when I'm feeling eurgh. Something I knew before and tried so hard to change, but caved in today :(

3) what I think some people will feel is 'a lot of craft stuff', they don't think is. I packed to go to my sister's and her DH's to house-sit this week and they were surprised at how little I actually had with me!

4) it takes one hour to organise stash to take away for a few days and 15 minutes to pack clothes and toiletries. Happens when I house-sit at mum's too. Have I got my priorities right? Of course I have!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) a quick glass of sweet fizzy pop, isn't always quick especially if it sprays all over the kitchen worktop / cupboards / coffee and bread containers / all over the floor! Much easier to have a glass of water, but sometimes water's just not what the taste buds want!!

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

6th September

Day 5's LO. Photo of some fruit going in the space. Journalling reads "it's ok getting 'treat' fruit reduced in price, but it should be eaten before it goes off."

6th September I learnt that:

1) sometimes people aren't the people you thought they were.

2) I spend far too long on Facebook, especially playing games and farming. I MUST NOT get into more 'reality' things like this and said I wasn't going to 'get into' Facebook full stop!!! Hmmm.....

3) it is possible to go shopping for fresh bits and not let anything else jump in your trolley. It helps having a shopping list though.

4) life can be lonely. I actually knew this already, it's just true of today and it's like learning the lesson over again! :(

5) I sometimes need to be more patient and understanding with others as David often is with me.

6) I can listen (and sing along) to 'Dance With My Father' and 'Careless Whisper' without bawling my eyes out at last.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx