Saturday, 5 September 2009

5th September

Day 4's LO. There will be a photo of the e-card I was sent in the space. Journalling reads "it's nice to wake up to a friendly and inspiring e-mail when the day before was quite rotten":

5th September, I learnt that:

1) washing does not do itself.

2) neither do other chores.

3) I get excited when a bag of ribbon drops through my letterbox. Watch my regular craft blog at the beginning of next month for my Ribbon Mad Guest DT LO.

4) if I start feeling sleepy while I'm watching TV, I should get up and do something rather than fall asleep.

5) it's ok getting 'treat' fruit reduced in price, but it should be eaten before it goes off or it's money wasted.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Friday, 4 September 2009

4th September

Day 3's LO. (Space left for possible photo again.) Journalling reads "I've learnt that good friends are priceless":

4th September I learnt that:

1) it's really nice to wake up to a friendly and inspiring e-mail when the day before was quite rotten

2) time sometimes does go slow if you need it to as I did this afternoon when filling in an application form that had to be back pronto.

3) when you think you're too late arriving at the bus stop and get a lift to another one a couple of villages away, chances are the bus was late and you could've waited after all.

4) I still don't like waiting at bus stops or going shopping on my own

5) I can go into a shop to get ribbon for my LSNED album and come out with only that

6) it's near impossible to buy 'dirty' 'grungy' orange ribbon. It's nearly all shiny and bright.

7) there is; at last, a washing up liquid that doesn't bring me out in a rash.

8) it's quicker (and cleaner) washing up than cooking. How many days can I persuade David to cook? He's done it the last two days, so we'll see :D

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

3rd September

Day 2's LO. Journalling reads "I've learnt: I need to stop stressing about what 'might be' and start concentrating on 'what is' instead".

3rd September - I learnt that:

1) you have to watch what you say to others in person, on forums and on social networks

2) good friends are priceless ~ you know who you are :D xx

3) you can choose your friends, not your family.

4) no matter how much you've been hurt by someone, harbouring bad feelings is only going to destroy yourself. I need to rise above it and realise that for some people, no matter what I do it's never going to be good enough.

5) it is possible to be friends with a person despite everything, which helps you to smile inside and be a better person.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

2nd September

It's day 2 and as promised, here's the LO I've done for day 1. I'll be using the photo below it in the space and journalling reads:
"Driving to mum's today, the sun was shining, yet it was also raining. I couldn't see a rainbow, but the scenery surrounding her village was stunning. I've learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature."

I've used lots of paper tearing and inking on this LO. Something I don't usually do.

2nd September ~ I learnt that:

1) I need to put things away or they may get broken. I broke the butterfly decorated sunglasses I got to wear when I had my contact lenses in.

2) people in the job centre are nice and there to help us. I had a review today and was so nervous before I went (no idea why though), but the lady I saw put me at ease with her friendly smile and it went really well.

3) it is possible for David and I to have a day out together, even if it was just for lunch and shopping.

4) David will sit in a quiet corner of a car park in the car and in the heat listening to me babbling on between tears because of negative feelings and thoughts I can't control at the moment.

5) some roadside cafes make that extra effort. The one we went to even had fake flowers in the ladies toilets.

6) we can fit a whole month's worth of frozen and non-perishable food in our kitchen. Hopefully by doing this, we'll save money.

7) I need to stop stressing and worrying about what 'might be' and concentrate on 'what is' instead.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1st September

For my blogging friends here's day 1's written entry. LO to follow tomorrow when I've decided which lesson to go with.

1st September ~ I learnt that:

1) there are nice people out there willing to give their time to help others. I had a half hour appointment this morning with 2 financial directors to go over my credit report andn make sense of things for me. They gave their time for free for some reason.

2) my report was ok despite it looking really bad on the surface.

3) when driving to mum's afterwards, the scenery was amazing. I never appreciated it when I lived there.

4) I need to allow longer to get ready to go out and longer to drive there too. If I'm running late or to the time, I'll invariably get held up somehow.

5) to sort out loads of 'stuff' is daunting. It pays to start with something small.

6) no matter how many games mum has in her large games cupboard, we usually end up playing the same ones.

7) over-ripe bananas and a bag of currants makes delicious cakes, especially if you top them off with icing.

8) when it looks like there's nothing to eat, look again. I made risotto tonight with Basmati rice, red onions, flagioli beans and baked beans topped with parmesan. Strange ingredients maybe, but the meal was lovely.

9) I'm getting Dad's Elvis box set of 12" vinyls ~ woohoo, we used to listen to that together loads :D

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Covers

As you can see in the post below, I decided to change my covers as I didn't like what I'd done. Here's the ones I'm keeping. I've used PPs from My Mind's Eye Bohemian Paper Pack, along with some Green Tara Blooms, Turquoise Stickles, a VersaMagic brown chalk ink and wording cut on my ROBO. The book rings have been decorated with brown and cream ribbons and a small brown tassle.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

First Set of Covers

Last week I made some covers using Basic Grey PPs and sticky letters plus some stickles and an ink pad. But, I didn't like them. You can hardly see the wording and I just am not happy with them. Here they are so you can see why I've discarded them.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx