Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1st September

For my blogging friends here's day 1's written entry. LO to follow tomorrow when I've decided which lesson to go with.

1st September ~ I learnt that:

1) there are nice people out there willing to give their time to help others. I had a half hour appointment this morning with 2 financial directors to go over my credit report andn make sense of things for me. They gave their time for free for some reason.

2) my report was ok despite it looking really bad on the surface.

3) when driving to mum's afterwards, the scenery was amazing. I never appreciated it when I lived there.

4) I need to allow longer to get ready to go out and longer to drive there too. If I'm running late or to the time, I'll invariably get held up somehow.

5) to sort out loads of 'stuff' is daunting. It pays to start with something small.

6) no matter how many games mum has in her large games cupboard, we usually end up playing the same ones.

7) over-ripe bananas and a bag of currants makes delicious cakes, especially if you top them off with icing.

8) when it looks like there's nothing to eat, look again. I made risotto tonight with Basmati rice, red onions, flagioli beans and baked beans topped with parmesan. Strange ingredients maybe, but the meal was lovely.

9) I'm getting Dad's Elvis box set of 12" vinyls ~ woohoo, we used to listen to that together loads :D

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

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Polly said...

Wow - that's a lot of learning for one day. The strange dinner and the banana cake sound particulrly good (can you tell I haven't had breakfast yet?)

Good luck on choosing which to scrap - I'm sure it will be fab whatever you choose.