Wednesday, 2 September 2009

2nd September

It's day 2 and as promised, here's the LO I've done for day 1. I'll be using the photo below it in the space and journalling reads:
"Driving to mum's today, the sun was shining, yet it was also raining. I couldn't see a rainbow, but the scenery surrounding her village was stunning. I've learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature."

I've used lots of paper tearing and inking on this LO. Something I don't usually do.

2nd September ~ I learnt that:

1) I need to put things away or they may get broken. I broke the butterfly decorated sunglasses I got to wear when I had my contact lenses in.

2) people in the job centre are nice and there to help us. I had a review today and was so nervous before I went (no idea why though), but the lady I saw put me at ease with her friendly smile and it went really well.

3) it is possible for David and I to have a day out together, even if it was just for lunch and shopping.

4) David will sit in a quiet corner of a car park in the car and in the heat listening to me babbling on between tears because of negative feelings and thoughts I can't control at the moment.

5) some roadside cafes make that extra effort. The one we went to even had fake flowers in the ladies toilets.

6) we can fit a whole month's worth of frozen and non-perishable food in our kitchen. Hopefully by doing this, we'll save money.

7) I need to stop stressing and worrying about what 'might be' and concentrate on 'what is' instead.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx


Gez said...

Great page. Love the colurs. Super photo too. :-)

Anne said...

Wow, what a lot you learnt! It's so interesting when you actually stop and take the time to write it down how much you actually find out everyday and don't usually take notice of. Good luck with the money saving - something I'm thinking about myself at the moment.