Sunday, 6 September 2009

7th September

Day 6's LO and I decided not to go so grungy. Yesterday's photo of the day is going in the blank space and journalling reads "I spend far too long on Facebook, especially playing games and farming".

7th September I learnt that:

1) the phrase my friend told me is so true "we plan, God laughs". Well, someone's laughing at us!

2) I am still weak when it comes to chocolate when I'm feeling eurgh. Something I knew before and tried so hard to change, but caved in today :(

3) what I think some people will feel is 'a lot of craft stuff', they don't think is. I packed to go to my sister's and her DH's to house-sit this week and they were surprised at how little I actually had with me!

4) it takes one hour to organise stash to take away for a few days and 15 minutes to pack clothes and toiletries. Happens when I house-sit at mum's too. Have I got my priorities right? Of course I have!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) a quick glass of sweet fizzy pop, isn't always quick especially if it sprays all over the kitchen worktop / cupboards / coffee and bread containers / all over the floor! Much easier to have a glass of water, but sometimes water's just not what the taste buds want!!

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

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