Sunday, 6 September 2009

6th September

Day 5's LO. Photo of some fruit going in the space. Journalling reads "it's ok getting 'treat' fruit reduced in price, but it should be eaten before it goes off."

6th September I learnt that:

1) sometimes people aren't the people you thought they were.

2) I spend far too long on Facebook, especially playing games and farming. I MUST NOT get into more 'reality' things like this and said I wasn't going to 'get into' Facebook full stop!!! Hmmm.....

3) it is possible to go shopping for fresh bits and not let anything else jump in your trolley. It helps having a shopping list though.

4) life can be lonely. I actually knew this already, it's just true of today and it's like learning the lesson over again! :(

5) I sometimes need to be more patient and understanding with others as David often is with me.

6) I can listen (and sing along) to 'Dance With My Father' and 'Careless Whisper' without bawling my eyes out at last.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

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Polly said...

My goodness, I'm very impressed with the amount of things you're learning each day. I'm not sure I have space in my head for some much information.

I do agree with you about facebook though - not sure why I find information about people I haven't seen for years, but I often can't tear myself away!