Saturday, 19 June 2010

Creativity Boot Camp ~ Day 13

Well, it was the last day on Creativity Boot Camp yesterday and the only day that I didn't get a photograph for the word prompt. Instead, I took my photograph today whilst travelling from Mum's. Before you tell me off for taking pictures while driving, I was in the back seat as a passenger and this photograph was taken as we were driving along with my window open and in the drizzling rain.

So, what was the last word prompt we were given? "SMILE" It wasn't until we were driving away from Mum's that I found myself smiling at the thought that I'd been brought up 4 miles from the nearest town and shop, surrounded by fields and growing crops, safe in the knowledge that as children we could play outside without fear of harm from anyone and a place where everyone knew everyone else. We were lucky in that the playing field with swings, slide and (at that time) big cement pipes to climb on and in was at the back of our house, so we didn't even have to cross a road to get there and could be seen from our garden. We never realised how lucky we were, but I know it now and I smile being thankful for that opportunity that my parents took to take us there when I was 8. Yes, sometimes it was hard as there wasn't a local shop, there was one bus a week on a Thursday to take you to the market and bring you home less than 4 hours later and it wasn't easy seeing your friends from secondary school as they lived in other villages. But, looking back on it, the good outweighed the bad. Mum and Dad never had to worry about where we were, what we were getting up to and if we were safe. How many people can say that about children nowadays? Even in tiny villages like the one I was brought up in, there's always the danger that something may happen. People don't mix like they used to and don't always know who's living on their doorstep. I know my mum doesn't know everyone like she used to. Such a shame that communities are fast dying.

Nearly forgot amidst my rambling, here's my photo:

Thanks for looking
Love, Sarah C xx

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sheara121 said...

beautiful thoughts to smile about. i grew up in a city where my parents were always worried about where i was going and who i was with. it's wonderful to know that such places as yours exist, as i've never known that sort of freedom :) and it's wonderful to know that you have the ability to appreciate what you had. many people wouldn't.