Saturday, 12 June 2010

Creativity Boot Camp ~ Day 7

Creativity Boot Camp's word for day 7 is "FLY". I tried taking photos of a couple of flies in my room, but they wouldn't stay still enough. Instead of that, here's a photo of some currant biscuits I made yesterday, known to some as 'dead fly biscuits'.

There will be no journalling to show you this week-end. We've been encouraged to sit and write for 45 minutes each day. To quote Maegan "If you are familiar with the book The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron refers to this sort of writing as "morning pages" encouraging all creative spirits to write three full tablet pages first thing each morning. Now the premise of these writings is that you just thinking, no analyzing, no judging...just writing. The idea is just to write whatever comes into your mind: from your mind to papet, bypassing your own filters. In essence, it's an emptying." After we've done our writing, we're to throw it away and never look at it again. Sounds rather interesting doesn't it?

Thanks for looking
Love, Sarah C xx


Deanna said...

That actually made my tummy growl. No biscuits for me, off to have some Special K cereal!

The Hollywood Memoirs said...

My grandmother used to make a similar cookie and she also referred to the raisins as "dead flys." I had forgotten about that until I saw your entry. :)

Sarah C said...

Bless her. It's an awful expression really because it can put you off eating them, then again it's good for the waistline like that lol

sheara121 said...

haha, lovely idea!