Wednesday, 30 September 2009

30th September

Well everyone, we're at the end of the month. 30 days of learning, 30 days of blogging and only 7 LOs! I lost my scrapping mojo big time after only a week of this project, but was determined to keep up with noting my learning. I have all my papers and embellishments ready and waiting should the mojo return.

So, the final day's instalment.

30th September I learnt that:

1) I have finally seen a project through to the end, all be-it in a different form to the one I started with.

2) I can still go to town and not be tempted by the cheap shops.

3) chippy chips taste so much nicer when you really fancy them, rather than as a quick and easy meal.

4) sometimes a present doesn't have to be expensive to be 'just right'. The best purses mum and I have had have come from The Factory Shop.

5) I have learnt more this month than I thought I would.

That's all I have for you for now. I'll be back when and if I have some LOs to show you. Thank you for stopping by.

Love and hugs, Sarah C xx

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